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Holistic, Biologic Dentistry in North Austin

What you seek is seeking you. – Rumi

At Bruno Integrative Dentistry, our patients come first.

We understand that this life is complex and busy – one in which you may often feel treated like just another number.

We strive to do better for each and every person who entrusts us with their dental care. We listen to their stories, hear their concerns, and educate them about their oral health.

Connecting with each of our patients is what brings us joy and satisfaction. Trust, compassion, and attention to detail are what make them call our office their dental home.

Biologic Dental Care for Your Whole Family

As leaders in bio-integrative dentistry, we understand how your mouth is fully integrated with the rest of you. And we know that what happens to the mouth can have an impact on whole body health – at every age.

As a mom, Dr. Bruno understands how much you care about your family’s health – and how giving kids a healthy start sets the stage for a healthy future. That’s why we welcome patients of all ages at Bruno Integrative Dentistry.

Our office is mercury-free, mercury-safe, and fluoride-free.

When teeth need to be restored, we use biocompatible ceramics and BPA-free composites, and techniques that conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible.

We take only digital x-rays and only when needed.
We put a premium on preventive care and the least invasive treatment when treatment is called for.


While it’s 21st century dentistry’s incredible technological advancements that let us do this, we also believe that technology should serve us, not rule us.

Technology can replace teeth and even hearts, but it can’t replace human connection.
Our mission is to bring light and love to all those we meet and to treat each of our patients with the utmost intention and care.

Meet Dr. Candace Bruno

Passionate about continual learning and growth in all aspects of her life, Dr. Candace Bruno strives to be the best person she can be as a dentist, health advocate, friend, and mom.

She is an adventurer, optimist, and free spirit who feels most at peace in nature, connecting with the energies around her.

Biologic Dentistry

Safe Mercury Removal

Snoring & Sleep Apnea Solutions

The Biologic Difference

Your body is a complex biological battery that needs energy, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, minerals, and other nutrients to work at peak efficiency. It also has innate healing abilities. You can see it in something as simple – and radically complex – as the way a cut heals courtesy of chemical signalling between cells.

Unfortunately, our heavily toxic world often tips the scale toward disease. Looking in your mouth and listening to your life stories, we can see breakdowns in your body’s intricately designed systems – breakdowns that your body knows how to recover from, as well, when not burdened by toxins, mold, bacteria, viruses, radiation, or parasites.

It is our mission to help our patients get out of the cycle of disease, prevent chronic inflammation, and support the body’s own natural healing potential by addressing oral obstacles to whole body health. Instead of focusing on symptoms, we strive to remove any burdens on the body so energy can flow to the cells as designed.

Minimally invasive, biocompatible dentistry is just the start. We teach proper nutrition and bring attention to the importance of factors such as healthy breathing, quality sleep, and a healthy microbiome. Through this approach, we can help our patients find peace, calm, and renewed vitality in an otherwise crazy, hectic world.