If you have silver (amalgam) fillings you received at a young age, chances are that those fillings contain a large amount of mercury. Over the past several years, many dentists are making the switch to using other materials like composite resin because of the risks associated with mercury in numerous studies. According to the FDA, 50 percent of dental amalgam contains elemental mercury by weight.

Patients who aren’t aware of the health risks associated with mercury should read this post from a holistic dentist in North Austin.


For many people, it’s much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to potentially toxic materials. A large part of holistic dentistry involves removing any doubt of potentially dangerous materials, especially considering the research that’s been done on dental amalgam. Multiple reports have come out suggesting it’s links to systemic diseases, a reality many people don’t want to risk.

Furthermore, there’s no question that the disposable of mercury is often irresponsible and incredibly damaging to the environment. The EPA has reported multiple accounts of dental amalgam being leaked into lakes and rivers, which inevitably harm the wildlife living in those areas. Overall, it’s a much better idea to remove any risk of disease to yourself or the environment now and choosing a safer alternative that is many ways more effective than amalgam fillings regardless.


Many people don’t realize that silver fillings have the potential to damage your natural tooth structure in the long-term. Because of the metal alloys used in fillings, they can act as a wedge inside teeth, causing them to separate more and more over time and lead to long-lasting damage to your tooth structure. This is especially true as the metals expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold stimuli.

If you don’t want your damaged teeth to become even more damaged due to dental amalgam, there is an alternative that many holistic dentists offer.


Fillings that use a safe, toxin-free epoxy resin are safer than amalgam fillings for a number of reason. Because of the material used, these fillings are more receptive to regular biting and chewing and therefore distribute force more evenly, preventing the continued separation of tooth structure.

Additionally, tooth-colored restorations are designed to create a better seal in teeth and are easier to fill cracks and cavities with, leading to an overall better aesthetic and function compared to traditional amalgam. This way, you can get a better looking smile and still protect your oral and overall health from toxic materials like mercury.

When you visit a dentist in North Austin, you’re not only getting a dentist who cares about preventing exposure to dangerous materials. You get a dentist who cares about your mind and body in tandem with your oral health, offering you a better treatment experience.


Dr. Candace Bruno earned her DMD degree from the Temple University School of Dentistry. Thanks to her continued education at the Spear Education center, she’s determined that overall health and oral health are truly connected, therefore treating the mouth as an extension of the body is essential for every patient that comes for her care. To learn more about her treatment philosophy, you can contact her through her website.