Biologic Dentistry

At Bruno Integrative Dentistry, we take a biologic, biomimetic approach with your whole body health in mind.
As leaders in bio-integrative dentistry, we understand how your mouth is fully integrated with the rest of you. And we know that what happens to the mouth can have an impact on whole body health – at every age.

It’s our mission to help our patients get out of the cycle of disease, prevent chronic inflammation, and support the body’s own natural healing potential by addressing oral obstacles to whole body health. Instead of focusing on symptoms, we strive to remove any burdens on the body so energy can flow to the cells as designed.

  • Our office is mercury-free, mercury-safe, and fluoride-free.
  • When teeth need to be restored, we use biocompatible ceramics and BPA-free composites, and techniques that conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible.
  • We take only digital x-rays and only when needed.
  • We put a premium on preventive care and the least invasive treatment when treatment is called for.

Minimally invasive, biocompatible dentistry is just the start. We also teach proper nutrition and bring attention to the importance of factors such as healthy breathing, quality sleep, and a healthy microbiome.

Blending the best of 21st century dental medicine with traditional healing wisdom, our goal is to help you sustain – or regain – optimal mouth/body health.

Biologic Approach to Cavities

Biologic Periodontal Care

Diagnostic Tests

SMART Mercury Removal