Biologic Hygiene & Periodontal Care

Not all dental cleanings are the same – though all do have one thing in common: removing biofilm (plaque) and controlling pathogenic bacteria that cause disease in the mouth and body alike.
The mouth is the entry to the body and can strongly affect systemic health. The harmful bacteria that can be found there are some of the most toxic around – and aren’t necessarily confined to the mouth. Oral bacteria have been found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, the hearts of cardiovascular patients, the knees of rheumatoid arthritis patients.

The mouth is also home to plenty of good microbes, as well. When their numbers are good, they naturally keep harmful bacteria, yeasts and other fungi, and their destructive toxins in check. So maintaining good oral health isn’t about killing off all microbes in the mouth. It’s about supporting the good ones and eliminating bad ones – and in the course of it, lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and all the other systemic health problems that have been linked to gum disease.

Types of Cleanings at Bruno Integrative Dentistry

Different levels of oral health require different levels of cleaning. If your gums are healthy, a traditional cleaning to remove biofilm is enough.

If your gums are inflamed and bleed upon probing, though, a deeper, under-the-tissue cleaning is called for along with biofilm removal. Additionally, we use ozone gas to thoroughly disinfect hard and soft oral tissues alike.

As gum disease advances, it begins to destroy the bone that supports your teeth. Left untreated, the teeth eventually start to loosen and may fall out if they’re not recommended for extraction first. So even deeper – and more frequent – cleanings are called for to keep this from happening.

For this type of cleaning, we not only remove biofilm from your teeth but the hard bacterial formations called calculus along the gumline. Ozone gas is delivered to enhance disinfection and ozone injections are applied to help increase blood flow, decontamination, and scavenging while balancing your immune system’s inflammatory response.

The next step is to set the playing field in favor of the bacteria that maintain both gingival (gum) and overall health. So we prescribe oral probiotics to give your body an overabundance of the bacterial strains BLIS K12 and BLIS M18. Our patients enjoy the taste and feel the difference when using these.

We couple this with ozone oil to be applied nightly with either a gum stimulator or floss that can be carried below the gum tissue.

Perio Protect for Ongoing Support

For patients who have problems with controlling biofilm and inflammation between visits, we provide Perio Protect trays. These are custom molded for your teeth and deliver either peroxide or ozone gel below the gum tissue to make conditions more inhabitable for harmful bacteria. The trays are worn in 15 minute segments (the daily number of applications depends upon the severity of the disease) and have proven extremely effective in reducing periodontal disease.

An added bonus: The trays also help whiten teeth and keep stains down, too!