Diagnostic Tests

Knowledge is power – and we offer a full array of diagnostic tests to help us get the fullest understanding of your current mouth/body health and best ways for you to get it to the level you want it to be at.

Serum Biocompatibility Testing

A simple blood test is the easiest way to get a comprehensive view of which dental materials are safest to use with respect to your unique biochemistry and which you may be reactive to. The Clifford Materials Reactivity Test is considered the gold standard in this area, identifying sensitivities to 94 chemical groups and correlating the reactions with a database of over 17,000 products.


A healthy mouth depends on a healthy gut, and gut health is exactly what the GI-MAP Test reveals. You simply provide a small stool sample to send to the lab for analysis. They then provide us with a comprehensive report on the state of your microbiome and digestive health so we can advise you on any nutritional improvements or other changes needed to promote mouth/body health and wellness.

Organic Acids Test

This test of a urine sample you provide gives us a snapshot of your metabolic and overall health, offering further insight to your digestive health, as well as things such as mitochondrial function, detox capacity, oxidative stress, and inflammation. With this information, we can offer guidance on any necessary changes for improvement.

Mercury Tri-Test

It’s one thing to have your amalgam fillings removed. Detoxing the mercury your body has harbored from them over the years is quite another. The Mercury Tri-Test gives us an understanding of your body’s excretion abilities, as well as its exposure to inorganic and methyl mercury. If excretion abilities are weak, we can look to therapies to help strengthen them before you undergo the removal procedure.

G6PD Test

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase – G6PD for short – is an enzyme that helps red blood cells function normally. It’s also essential for IV vitamin C infusions to be done safely. Yet there’s a hereditary abnormality, mainly affecting men, that causes G6PD deficiency that can put them at risk of hemolytic anemia if the C dosage is too high. This test can identify such deficiency in patients interested in including IV vitamin C infusions on their path to better health and wellness.

Vitamin D Testing

Vitamin D is one of the most critical nutrients when it comes to mouth/body health. A simple blood test can let us know if supplementation is needed to support the health of your teeth and gums or if your levels are right where they should be.

Oral pH Testing

A healthy mouth is an alkaline mouth. Oral pH testing provides a guide as to whether your mouth is on the alkaline side or if acidic conditions prevail – conditions that pave the way toward a future of decay and gum disease. Your saliva is enough to tell the tale. If that tale is a frightening one, we can work with you to develop a solid plan for changing the plot.


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