SMART Mercury Removal

SMART stands for Safe Mercury Removal Technique and is the gold standard for ensuring both your safety and ours if you choose to have your “silver” mercury amalgam fillings removed.
Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive metal there is, yet mercury amalgam has been used to fill teeth in the US for nearly 200 years. As its risks to human health have become harder to ignore, though, more nations have banned its use. While about half of all American dentists continue to use this dangerous and outdated material, the FDA now advises against its use in high risk populations:

  • Pregnant and nursing women.
  • Women who plan to become pregnant.
  • Children, especially those under the age of 6.
  • People with pre-existing neurological disease, impaired kidney function, or heightened sensitivity (allergy) to mercury or other components of dental amalgam (typically silver, tin, and copper, though other metals may be present, as well).

If you are among the growing number of people who have decided that the risks of the constant exposure to mercury vapor from amalgam fillings just aren’t worth it, we can help – while ensuring your (and our own) safety from excess exposure during the removal process.

Mercury Removals the Safe Way

Dr. Bruno is SMART-certified, which means she has taken extra training to ensure the safety of patients, our dental team, and our environment when removing mercury amalgam fillings.

Once you make the decision to have your amalgams removed, you will be sent home with two supplements – TUDCA and LymphActiv – to support the production of bile salts and prepare the liver to drain and lymph to start flowing so you will be better prepared to detox after the procedure.

At your appointment, you’ll be given liposomal vitamin C, along with HM-ET Binder before the procedure to help your body clear

As the procedure begins,

  • You’ll be covered and gowned from head to knees.
  • An oxygen delivery mask will be placed over your nose.
  • A nitrile rubber dam will be placed to isolate the teeth to be worked on.
  • Slow-speed suction will be placed in your mouth to catch any escaped vapors.
  • A large DentAir vacuum will be placed in front of your mouth to catch released vapors.
  • Dr. Bruno and her assistant will be specially gowned and masked.
  • Each amalgam will be removed by cutting the perimeter and removing the filling in larger chunks without drilling. All cutting is done with high-speed suction next to the tooth and lots of water to prevent heating.
  • Once all amalgam has been safely removed, all coverage materials will be removed, as well. The dental team will degown and clean any instruments used in the mouth with a Mercon wipe to remove mercury contaminants.
  • Once all is clean, Dr. Bruno and her assistant will restore the teeth with biocompatible fillings or crowns as needed.

Through the whole procedure, a 26-pound carbon/HEPA air purifier will be running to keep the treatment room air mercury-free, as well.

After the procedure, two more doses of HM-ET Binder will be given, one to be taken at home 6 hours after the procedure.

Because excretion is key to detoxing from mercury, it’s important to hydrate well with filtered water and to sweat well, whether through exercise or sauna (or both). IV vitamin C and/or IV glutathione may be administered at an outside clinic if needed or desired to support optimal detoxification.



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