Integrative Health

At Bruno Integrative Dentistry, we understand the body as a single, unified system – one that includes the mouth. The mouth itself can reveal many signs of overall health breaking down and clue us in to what may be going on throughout the body.

Our most comprehensive approach, which Dr. Bruno calls Integrative Healthcare, brings even more to the table than the basic mouth/body connection. She’ll talk with you about nutrition and supplementation. She’ll advise on appropriate detox protocols. She’ll review airway health and how compromised, dysfunctional breathing patterns can impact oral and whole body health. She will consult on ways of correcting diseases that modernization has made chronic.

Think of your body as a high performance vehicle. Poor quality gas, inadequate fluid levels, and inadequate maintenance mean it can never perform at its best.

In the same way, the human body fails to do well when given a nutrient-poor diet; when it’s not well hydrated with pure, fluoride-free water; when it’s burdened with environmental and biological toxins; when it isn’t well rested or well oxygenated.

We need to start treating our bodies like the high performance vehicles they are. Dr. Bruno and her team of personally vetted referrals are here to help you do just that.

For true health isn’t about how you feel. It’s about how you heal.