Restorative Dentistry

When a tooth is deeply decayed or damaged, its form and function can be restored with a filling, inlay, onlay, or crown. At Bruno Integrative Dentistry, we make sure that it’s also restored in a way that’s biocompatible.

Not all fillings and crowns are the same. There are thousands of different materials that can be used in countless combinations. There are many different disinfection techniques and many ways of re-establishing the proper contour of the tooth.

Keeping your whole body health in mind, we use only biocompatible materials to restore teeth. The fluoride-free, BPA-free composites we use for tooth-colored fillings have proven safe for the vast majority of people; likewise, the main ceramics we use. We do not place “silver” mercury amalgam fillings or any other metal dental work. Ever.

Composite Tooth Colored Fillings

Making strong, durable tooth-colored fillings requires advanced technique and great attention to detail. Dr. Bruno has both.

She uses a high speed, air-driven Kavo handpiece to remove the dead tooth structure and bacteria, all while wearing scopes that magnify regular vision 4.5x. Pink caries (decay) indicator is used to make sure she removes the complete cavity – even parts that can’t be seen with the eye or felt with the explorer.

All the while, the tooth is carefully isolated to keep it dry – something crucial to the long-term success of the restoration.

Once the tooth has been fully prepared, we administer an appropriate concentration of ozone gas for 45 to 60 seconds to kill any harmful bacteria remaining within the tooth. This step also helps increase bond strength and make the filling(s) last longer.

The most common composite resins we use are Filtek Ultra (when filling side walls of the tooth) and Tokyama Omnichroma (when there’s natural tooth surrounding all walls), but others may be used depending on the patient’s needs and/or biocompatibility testing results.

Whichever resin is chosen, it’s then placed in increments to restore the tooth. This layering decreases stress from polymerization shrinkage (a fancy word for pulling away from the sides of the tooth while the composite is being hardened under a special focused light). Dr. Bruno carefully shapes and sculpts the filling to copy the tooth’s natural pre-diseased structure.

Excellence is found in the details.

Full Coverage Ceramic Restorations

When too much upper tooth structure needs to be removed to keep the tooth structurally healthy – or when cracks penetrate too deeply into the tooth – a full coverage restoration is needed. This type of restoration travels across the whole top of the tooth and helps prevent forces from splitting the tooth in half.

Because of the inflammatory response often seen around crowns, Dr. Bruno tries to avoid placing them unless absolutely necessary, preferring onlays instead. With onlays, artificial materials can be kept as far away from the gum tissue as possible. This ensures a better gingival response.

These types of restorations are typically made from zirconia or a lithium disilicate material, depending on biocompatibility, retention, and aesthetic needs.

Whatever the specific type of full coverage restoration needed, two appointments are needed to get the job done. At the first, Dr. Bruno will prepare the tooth and place a temporary. We will also take digital impressions to send to our expert dental lab where your crown will be crafted. Your second appointment comes a few weeks later, at which Dr. Bruno will fit the restoration and make sure everything is aesthetically and functionally correct. Once all is in order, she will cement the restoration onto your prepared tooth.

Concierge Restorative Services

To make sure any restorations are a perfect match for your specific biochemistry, we can order serum (blood) testing to determine which materials are the best fit. In fact, we recommend this route for most patients.

Our expertly trained assistants will then review your test results and work with our suppliers to get the right materials ahead of your appointment – even if they’re materials we need only for you.

Talk with one of our team members about your concierge dental desires before your first appointment so they can prepare for your appointment accordingly.

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